Amazon Baidyanath Quiz Answers – Win Rs.500 for Free

Amazon Baidyanath Quiz is here. The contest consists of 6 Questions. The Winners will get Rs.500. Participate in the Quiz to win the prize. The answers to the questions of the contest are given below, Play and win “WISH YOU A GOOD LUCK”.

Amazon Baidyanath Quiz

Amazon Baidyanath Quiz Answers :

Question 1: Baidyanath Chyawanprash Special is enriched with _____ rich Amla. Fill in the blanks

Answer: (C) Vitamin C

Question 2: Baidyanath Chyawanprash Special has _____ essential herbs. Fill in the blanks

Answer: (D) 52

Question 3: Which of these essential herbs are included in the Baidyanath Chyawanprash Special?

Answer: (D) All of these

Question 4: Baidyanath has a legacy of how many years?

Answer: (D) 100

Question 5: Baidyanath Chyawanprash Special is a naturally healthy and immunity boosting solution for whom?

Answer: (C) The whole family

Question 6: To get best results Baidyanath Chyawanprash Special should be consumed at what frequency?

Answer: (A) 1-2 tablespoonfuls twice daily

Contest Timing :

This Contest will commence on 29th January 2022 from 12:00:00 AM (IST) to 18th February 2022 at 11:59:59 PM (IST).

Number of Winners: 200

How To Enter?

  1. Open Application.
  2. Click on the mic icon on the right side of the search bar and ask Alexa “take me to funzone” or “open funzone” or “go to funzone”. OR
  3. Navigate by clicking on three bars in the top left corner then go to “Programs and Features” > “FunZone”. OR
  4. Search Funzone on the search bar and visit the first result.
To Download App Click Here


After Amazon India confirms the winner/s, They will contact the winners individually through email/SMS. They will also post the winners names on the Result page by 11th March 2022.

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