December 09, 2021

Q1. Which person in the news was the voice for the character of Simba, in the Hindi dubbing of Disney's 'The Lion King' (2019)?

Answer : (C) Aryan Khan

Q2. Biological E- a company that is receiving $50 million funding from US International Development Finance Corporation is based in which city?

Answer : (C) Hyderabad

Q3. Among the 11 sportspeople who have been recommended for the Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna 2021, there are how many Paralympians?

Answer : (C) 5

Q4. This is the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center located in which city?

Answer : (B) Abu Dhabi

Q5. This is a famous site located in Amman, Jordan. It is called the Temple of _____ . Fill in the blanks

Answer : (D) Temple of Hercules