Can nifty cross 18000 in January 2022 ?

Nifty corrected almost 11% from it's recent highs which mainly happened due to continuous FII selling for last 03 months.

Nifty brock it's 1.5 years old trend line from 01st April 2020 on 22nd November 2021

Nifty went on a downtrend from recent high on 19th October 2021 to 20th December 2021 and Made a low of 16410.

Bulls are trying to make a comeback on Nifty after the recent low of 16410. 

Nifty is showing a Bullish trend on the chart.

If the trend continues we can expect it to cross 18000 mark within next 15 trading seasons.

On the hourly chart the 17600 Shows a high resistance level and RSI is at 75 so once 17600 is crossed their is no resistance until 18000

We can see Nifty touch new All time high till the end of this Fiscal year.

Only if no new Corona virus variant is discovered.