Big Billion Days 2021 – Is Flipkart Down Today?

Flipkart Big Billion Days starts from from i.e. 03rd Oct 2021 and will last till 10th Oct 2021 but Flipkart Plus members gets early access to the deals 24 hrs before the actual sale starts.

Since the sale for Plus members started today at 12:00 AM, Flipkart encountered a huge number of traffic which resulted to a technical glitch and customers were facing issues while ordering from both Web and App platform. Flipkart officially twitted about the glitch “Looks like all of you filled your cart at the same time! If you’re facing a technical glitch, give us a moment and be right back up” and same could be seen on the Flipkart App home page too.

Source: Twitter
What are the issues users are facing while ordering on Flipkart?

1. User are unable to add items to their cart.
2. Unable buy directly from the product page.
3. After successfully adding item to the cart the products on cart were showing “OUT OF STOCK”.
3. Orders after payments were pending for confirmation.

Flipkart Big Billion Days
Source: Flipkart App

It took about an hour to fix the glitch after which Flipkart twitted again saying “We’re up and running! Place your orders now and get the best deals as Flipkart Plus members!”.

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Source: Twitter

Now, You must be thinking “Are there enough plus members which can tumble a site like Flipkart?” The answer is “yes“.

Flipkart has 10 crore registered customers, receives daily 1 crore page visits and 80 lakh shipments every month. According to an article the number of plus members is expected to be around 20 million. Even if 10 million of that 20 adds items to their cart and tries to buy at the same time it would definitely lead to a halt to the services. And it seemed like Flipkart was not ready for such a traffic as there was still 24 hrs to go for actual sale.

Now everything seems to be running smoothly and Flipkart was really quick to handle the situation.

Why Flipkart has 20 million Plus member?

It only takes 200 Super Coins to become a Plus member and to earn 2 super coins the customer has to spent Rs.100. So if you spend Rs.5000 on Flipkart you will earn 100 super coins and that is the highest number of super coins which can be earned per order. It takes Shopping of only Rs.10000 within a year to become a plus member after which the no. of super coin per Rs.100 spent becomes 4 instead of 2.

What are the benefits of Flipkart Plus membership?

A number of advantages are there for Flipkart Plus members like Free shipping on Flipkart Assured products, Extra discount, early access to deals and sales, Plus member only offers and exclusive Super Coin store.

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