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Apple iPhone 13 pro max vs iPhone 12 pro max Which one is better ?

Apple had launched iPhone 12 series last year and iPhone 13s went on sale on 24th Sep 2021 and almost all the models got sold out.

iPhone 12 pro max is a year old smartphone but it is still not too old to consider for a new iPhone besides we Indians always get excited when a new phone is launched, not for the new phone but for the old ones instead because they are going to get chipper 😁.

The iPhone 13 pro max definitely has a newer processor with improved performance, battery and camera but does it justify the price tag of additional Rs.20000? Answer depends on what type of user you are, if you are someone who is looking for value for money and a little tight in budget and it reality doesn’t bothers to use a 1 year old phone then iPhone 12 pro max is still a good choice beside you can buy accessories with that saved money (which you definitely will have to).

And if your budget is Rs.130k then I would suggest you go for iPhone 13 Pro (256GB) because it might have a little smaller screen and small difference in battery capacity but choosing iPhone 13 Pro (256GB) over iPhone 13 pro max(128GB) will allow you to record ProRes videos up to 4K at 30 fps instead of only 1080p for 128GB models and without this feature you won’t have the pro experience to the fullest.

Here is a side by side comparison between iPhone 13 pro max iPhone 12 Pro max :

Apple iPhone 13 pro max vs iPhone 12 pro max:

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