Top 10 YouTube Web series to watch this weekend

Top 10 YouTube Web series

Here is a list of the top 10 trending YouTube web series which you can watch this weekend. Most of the web series viewers are shifting from YouTube to other newly emerging OOT platforms these days. Hence, YouTube has become more like a search engine rather than a content-consuming platform. But we can guarantee that you won’t be bored watching these web series OR maybe end up buying YouTube premium instead😁.

1. Dhindora by BB Ki Vines

⭐9.8/10 IMDb RATING

Source: BB ki vines

Dhindora is a web series created by one of India’s top YouTuber Bhuvan Bam known for his comedy videos and his music videos. It consists of 08 episodes and it is the first Web series by BB on his channel, before this he was also seen in many youtube series on different channels. The story is about a lottery token that was bought by BB’s Father and he thought he won Rs.1 crore but later come to know it was a mistake and he missed the prize by one digit which is “0”. The whole series revolves around Bhuban’s life. So far all the episodes have received more than 10 million views.


⭐9.7/10 IMDb RATING

Aspirants is one of the most loved web series by TVF. It is a story of 3 friends – Abhilash, Shwetketu, and Guri. The story revolves around the past and the present time where the past captures the struggle and the drama behind the making of UPSC CSE aspirants in Old Rajinder Nagar of Delhi, while the present shows the aftermath. It is the story of three UPSC aspirants’ journeys and most importantly – their friendship.

3. Operation MBBS

⭐8.9/10 IMDb RATING

Operation MBBS
Source: Dice Media

Operation MBBS is a comedy-drama series on the lives of three first-year students – Huma, Sakshi and Nishant in one of the best MBBS colleges in the country. Follow their journey as they navigate through friendships, hardships and medical student life. In the second part, they show the life of medical workers working hard during the Covid-19 pandemic.

4. Cubicles

⭐8.3/10 IMDb RATING

This is a story of Piyush Prajapati, a 22 year old, fresh out of college and recruited like most of his batch-mates into an Indian IT company. From the time he gets his first salary, working weekends, work-life balance, a little bit of heart to all kinds of highs and lows, the show follows many firsts and chronicles the life of Piyush, a typical Indian first jobber and the people around him. It is a very ‘easy to relate’ story for every first jobber without any fancy plot.

5. Girls Hostel

⭐8.1/10 IMDb RATING

Girls Hostel
Source: Girliyapa

The story here is about the world of college girls and in this case it is especially about medical students. They have some issues with management but the system ignores them and doesn’t even think that their problem is a problem. The story is all about how they reunite left their issues behind and fight against the whole system and management staff. The story is full of drama and comedy.

6. Mr. & Mrs.

⭐8.1/10 IMDb RATING

Mr. & Mrs.
Source: Girliyapa

Mr. & Mrs. is a Comedy-drama series of 2 parts. This is a story of Madhu and her husband Sanju, their hilarious conversation on daily life issues and how they deal with it together in their marriage with their fun rapport.

7. Adulting

⭐7.7/10 IMDb RATING

Source: Dice Media

Adulting is a coming of age story about two young women trying to handle the responsibilities of being independent adults in the fast-paced, urban bustle of Mumbai. Watch how Ray and Nikhat try to make it through adulthood in their unique way. The series has a total of three parts first 2 parts are available on YouTube and the third part is only available on Amazon miniTV.

8. The Interns 2 by Girliyapa

⭐7.2/10 IMDb RATING

The interns 2
Source: Girliyapa

The Interns is a story of three girls Lilly, Ana and Viveka who have joined as the new interns at Digital Diva. They are working hard to make a mark in the office. They need to power through their personal and professional life. The latest season is out now and it is also a hit just like the last one. It is also available on the Amazon miniTV video platform.

09. Kuch Love Jaisa

Kuch Love Jaisa
Source: Alright

Kuch Love Jaisa is a drama series. The story is about two single parents and their kids. Shashank meats Roshni in a stand-up comedy show where he roasts her and Roshni feels hurt then leaves the place. Then for the sake of their kids, they become friends and after which it becomes complicated for both of them where they had feelings for both but were feared of expressing them.

10. Live-In Relationship

Live-In Relationship
Source: Alright

Live-In Relationship Is a story of Ayush and Manvi who meet one night accidentally after which Ayush starts living with Manvi as he was kicked out of his flat by the landlord and he was searching for a place to stay. After some days of staying, they fell in love and Manvi’s mother catches them making out.

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